Any legal issue that involves your children, particularly issues that affect the time you spend with your children, can be challenging to deal with. An effective visitation or parenting plan can be crafted with help from a skilled attorney.

At my firm, I work to make this process as seamless as possible. I am attorney Steven Fisher, and I represent mothers and fathers in custody, visitation and related issues. My family law practice is broad, and I have extensive experience handling high-conflict custody disputes.

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Visitation Schedules And How They Relate To Custody

Unless the parties can reach an agreement, custody arrangements are determined by the courts and are to be made based on the best interests of the children. A good, clear and specific parenting plan should be a part of any custody and visitation order. A parenting plan includes the visitation schedule for the child, as well as other important provisions regarding the parents' relationship to the child and to each other as co-parents.

Paternity Cases

In addition to visitation and custody cases, I handle paternity and fathers' rights cases. Many people don't realize that working with a lawyer, from the start, can make the situation much easier. I represent both fathers and mothers in paternity cases, and also in custody cases related to paternity actions.

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