Domestic Violence

Physical abuse and domestic violence charges should not be taken lightly. For both those who have been falsely accused and those who need an aggressive defense, it is important they choose their attorney carefully. You need someone who understands the full effects of a domestic abuse conviction and how it affects custody and your family.

At Fisher Law Office, PLLC, I fight for those who are accused of being in an abusive relationship, assault, battery and other types of domestic violence. I have extensive experience with criminal defense cases and continue to maintain a proven track record.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, call my firm at 208-350-6552 to schedule your free consultation and to learn about the benefits of working with an experienced lawyer.

Assault And Battery Charges

Assault and battery are two separate charges in Idaho. Assault is the threat of using force against another person. Battery is the actual use of force (unwanted contact) such as a slap, punch or use of a weapon.

Many of the assault and battery cases I handle involve domestic violence, and I am very familiar with the defense strategies proven most effective for these situations. I work to protect your gun rights and try to keep a conviction off your record. As your advocate, I am here to help you get through the immediate challenges and help you deal with both the criminal and family law aspects of your case.

False Charges

False accusations of domestic violence happen often. Whether you are in the midst of a divorce or complicated custody battle, the issues can quickly escalate, and suddenly you are facing a domestic battery or related charge. I aggressively protect the rights of those who are falsely charged by providing straightforward representation and using the facts of the case to their advantage.

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