Questions to ask before hiring a divorce lawyer in Idaho

When hiring a divorce lawyer, there are several questions people should ask to ensure they are choosing the right attorney for their situations.

Not all Idaho marriages are the happily ever after that people are looking for. For any number of reasons, couples may make the difficult decision to get divorced. In fact, there were more than 7,200 divorces across the state in 2013 alone, according to the state's Division of Public Health. When preparing for this life-changing event, one of the most important steps that people will take is hiring an attorney to handle their case.

Choosing a divorce lawyer is not something that should be entered into lightly. Rather, people should take the time to research and interview potential candidates before making their selection. In order to help determine if an attorney is the right legal representative for their situation, there are a number of questions that people should ask.

What are their credentials?

There are a number of factors that people may use to evaluate a potential attorney's competence. Those who are looking to hire a divorce lawyer may find it helpful to consider how long a legal representative has been practicing, how much family law experience he or she has, and whether he or she also handles other cases. Further, people may consider asking for recommendations from past clients to help them get a feel for how an attorney may approach his or her case.

Are they available?

When going through a divorce, their case is often the most important thing going on in people's lives. While their case may not be the only case their attorney is handling, it is important that divorcing spouses are able to get in touch with their lawyers. Thus, when considering attorneys, people may find it helpful to ask those they are considering about their response time for returning phone calls and emails.

Are they compatible?

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers points out that people will work most effectively with a lawyer with whom they feel comfortable. Therefore, when interviewing potential attorneys, divorcing spouses should put stock in how the lawyers make them feel. If they feel uncomfortable for any reason, they might consider choosing a different lawyer.

Will they be handling the case themselves?

Many divorce lawyers have support staffs, which often include associate attorneys. Sometimes, it may be their associates who handle much of the legwork on the cases they handle. When interviewing potential lawyers, it is advisable that people ask if the attorney will be handling the case themselves. If their staff will be carrying the brunt of the workload, divorcing spouses may consider asking to meet with the others who will be involved with their cases or choosing a different attorney.

What are the costs?

At the end of a marriage, it is common for people's financial situations to be somewhat unstable. For this reason, it is essential that they consider the costs when hiring a divorce lawyer. The fees that attorneys charge may vary. By asking about the costs when conducting their interviews, people may avoid settling on an attorney they cannot afford.

Making a decision for the future

For many divorcing spouses in Idaho, their attorneys will play an integral role in the outcome of their cases. This is because divorce lawyers negotiate settlements on their behalf and represent them in the courtroom. Consequently, it is essential that people choose an attorney who fits their needs, rather than one who looks good on paper.