Learning how to co-parent after a divorce

Couples in Boise who get divorced when their children are still minors can benefit from learning how to co-parent amicably.

While a divorce can end most elements of a relationship, when minor children are involved, there can never be a complete severance. Couples in Boise that get divorced while children are still living at home must learn how to effectively parent their children together after the divorce is final. The ability to do this can reduce stress for the parents and, more importantly, help ensure the best possible outcome for the children of divorce.

Understanding Idaho laws on custody decisions

The Idaho State Legislature and the courts generally consider a shared custody situation in the best interest of children. Exceptions to this include situations involving domestic violence. Joint custody can be awarded for both legal and physical custody. When legal custody is shared, both parents have the right and the responsibility to participate in making decisions on behalf of their children.

Joint physical custody is designed to facilitate ongoing, frequent contact with both parents. This does not necessarily mean that each parent receives the same amount of parenting time with the children. The goal is to maintain good relationships with both parents.

What are some elements of good co-parenting?

An article in Psychology Today provides a look at what parents can or should do in order to most effectively co-parent after a divorce. Some recommendations include:

  • Showing respect to the other parent whether or not children are present.
  • Letting children see both parents cooperating and communicating positively.
  • Adhering to the agreed-upon schedules.
  • Being flexible to changes when necessary.

It is also important to encourage children to talk openly about the divorce and their feelings about it, without pressuring or interrogating them. When a parent is spending his or her parenting time with the children, the parent should focus on making that time of high quality.

Let technology help

Today's technology offers new ways to reduce conflict for divorced parents. Several apps have been created with the aim of reducing conflict between former spouses who must co-parent after their divorces. The Huffington Post provides some basic information about these apps that commonly focus on tracking extracurricular or other costs.

Using an app to manage the financial matters and ensure that agreements are followed, parents can prevent disagreements between themselves. Some apps are even able to facilitate transfers of money from one parent to another as well as maintain expense records.

Options for parents

Children are usually the most important concern for divorcing parents. Talking with an attorney about getting divorced can help to make sure that proper care is given to the needs of the children.

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