Common questions about child support modification in Idaho

Parents seeking child support modification will want to know the answers to these basic questions.

Often when parents in Idaho undergo a divorce involving a child or children who are still under parental guardianship, a child support order is often agreed upon. A child support order is meant to allow whichever parent or guardian who is raising the child to be able to receive enough financial support from the other parent to meet the child's needs. However, the circumstances that affected the design of a child support agreement when the parents were initially divorced can change over time, and sometimes drastically. In such situations, it can be prudent to request that the court make a modification to an initial child support order. Before going about such a process, there are a few things that people should be aware of.

What is the average cost of childcare?

Parents will still need to be able to meet the cost of caring for a child, and may wonder what the averages are around the state. Apart from the cost of school, the cost of before and after-school care programs for children average around 4,159 dollars for a Family Childcare Center or 4,582 dollars for a normal daycare center.

For younger children, the cost of care can be even higher. For infants, the cost of an accredited daycare center can reach up to 10,000 dollars per year. Non-accredited centers are closer to 7,000, while in the non-accredited sphere, Family Childcare Centers are actually cheaper, coming closer to 6,388 dollars. For toddlers and four-year-olds, the costs lessen progressively.

Is there a cost to modifying?

If, upon review, Child Support Services decides that a modification should in fact take place, there will be legal fees involved. If the review was requested by the parent receiving support, CSS pays the fees by keeping 20 percent of each child support payment. If it is the party providing support who requests the review, he or she can pay the legal fees in monthly installments. A change in venue can run up a 270 dollar fee. In addition, the cost of modification can be as high as 525 dollars.

What is the child support modification process?

There are a few specific options that could apply to parents in Idaho, depending on the results of Child Support Services' review. No fees will be charged if CSS declares that the child support order is not to be changed. If the review shows that the order should be changed, but the parties do not agree about it, the case is turned over to and dealt with by a Deputy Attorney General. If both parties and CSS do agree that the order should change, a judge will be given a stipulation of the modifications to affirm and sign.

Parents in Idaho looking to request a review for modification for a child support order may find it helpful to consult an attorney in the local area who practices family law.